Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost ONE!!!

This is cute Aliya and her cousin Laclan swimming at their Grandpa Gary's house!!!
Ok so I have been procrastinating this blog because I have been trying to upload her walking videos but I have had trouble with either the camera or the computer every time!! So.... soon I will put them on cuz she is soooo funny!! So yes... this month she is WALKING!!!! Yay!! She is sooo cute and looks so tiny walking around everywhere! It makes me sad. She won't even crawl at all anymore. Bye Bye baby hello toddler!!! She also got three new teeth this month and all in the same week... maybe even the same day!! Needless to say that was not a happy week for her! She has 8 teeth now. Big girl!! She is talking so much now!! It is fun to hear her little voice! Her new favorite is "No No DAD! " and "Who's that?" so funny! She loves to sing and dance! And play baseball... yes I am afraid she is a GIRLY tom boy!! It's bound to happen right. She trows the ball and yells GO!!! She also loves cars!! Poor girl!!! :) But... she does love dolls and playing with her best friend Kali! Only a few more weeks and I will have a 1 year old!! I swear that it is NOT fair!!!! I have been dreading this from the day she was born!!!!!! I love you Aliya!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Day at Kennecott

All of us standing in the scooper!!
Grandma Mindie and Aliya

So, this year my kids were a little older and they really enjoyed the visitors center. Grandpa took them around and explained how everything worked and they loved it!! So cute!! I think that this was their favorite part!!
The boys driving the giant dump truck. And leave it up to Braxton to be the first kid of the day to honk the horn. :)

My sister Aliesha, Karson and little Lachlan.

All of us on top of the dump truck!
Aliya loves Tyson!! They are best friends. She is always hugging and kissing on him!! Even when she is dirty!! Do I have hopes for a girly girl???? I don't think so. Look at her dirty little bum bum!!
This is Aliya's new favorite pose. Standing on her head. She doesn't care that she is in the middle of the dirt!

She had had enough of being carried and wanted to dig for gold too!!! She loves the dirt and being outside!!!!!
Their "Fools gold"!!
They let the kids each dig for a piece of iron pyrite to take home with them! The boys were so excited and wanted to each find the perfect piece!

They look so little next to one of these tires!

And even smaller next to the whole truck!!

Braxton, Carson, and Tyson

We rode on the bus from the parking lot to the visitors center. They showed us a little movie on the way up and Aliya kept pointing at the tv. She had just woken up from a nap and didn't quite know what to think!

On Saturday my dad had his Kennecott family day and we went with my dad, step mom, sister, Karson, Lachlan, and my Aunt Annette who was visiting from Arizona!! It was such a fun day! We were able to look at and even climb on some of the big trucks! We ate lunch there and had a tour of the visitors center! The boys loved it and especially spending time with family. It was fun to be together! After we went back to Grandpa Gary's for swimming and homemade Chile Verde! YUM YUM!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Classic Skating

I just love her in her swim suits!! She only owns about 6!!! HAHA!! I can't resist they are soooo cute! Girls are just so much fun to dress!!! I am so lucky!!!!!
Pooped out from a long day at Classic!!!!

What a cheeser. He was being goofy!!!
Little Tyson is so cute! He is my sweet timid one. He loves the water but not so much going under or even swimming around. He would be content even just to lay out by his mommy. But... with a little ok a lot of persuasion from his dad and about half of the people there he finally went down the big waterslides!!! His dad needless to say now owes him a star wars toy!!! YAY for Tyson!! He went down 20 times and we had to drag him home. He can't wait to go again. My big boy!

My sister Pieshy and my nephew Lachlan. They came for the weekend and went with us watersliding! Lachlan even went with his daddy down the big waterslides!! Cute boy!
Uh oh! She wasn't too sure about the slide! But she ended up loving it!
Aliya in the jungle!

She is soooo funny in the water!!!
Braxton the big monkey!
Carson swinging on the rope swing up in the jungle.
This is Kali and Aliya trying to dance to the DDR!! Aliya eventually makes her way to the music sometime while we are there. She is so dang cute, she is just drawn to music and she dances so stinkin cute that I just laugh at her!! What a cutie!!!
Classic skating is our favorite summer hang out!! They have skating, indoor inflatable bouncers, a jungle, and waterslides!! We go at LEAST once a week and the kids absolutely love it!!! These are just a few pics from our adventures there!! What fun!! I will be soooo sad when school starts again and I will lose my little playmates!!!!